Famous Players Coliseum 10 Plex - (from the Air) Mississauga

Completed as of May 10,1997

Now complete and in operation

The wave of the future in Cinemas

The first of many - Famous Players 10 Plex Mississauga

40 Ft wide - this is one of four



The roof structure - massive

Looking down from the upper seating

before and after below

A view through the building to the central candy bar area

Our installation crews - hard at work

I get dizzy this high up - the screen is 50 Ft. wide

The POPCORN machine !!!


Talk about raked seating - going up anyone !

The building is circular with theatres forming pie shaped wedges. The largest theatres 9 & 10 have picture sizes 64 Ft. wide and 28 Ft. high

These screens are curved cineramma style and tilted back at approximately 4 degrees. The raked seating provide the patrons with excellent viewing from anywhere in the cinema.

As the picture to above shows no walls the project was under construction then.

Ash-Stevenson Inc. provided all front ends and in cinemas 9 & 10 full contour lift curtains

Famous Players can be proud of this type of Cinema, for it leads the way of the future in Theatres.

No heads in the way here and this isn't one of the big houses - best viewing seats are in the middle half way up, and I mean the BEST

Ample leg room - comfortable seats

The Lobby

Flying models over the front lobby.

The plane, The Plane, the plane boss

The POPCORN delivery vehicle !!!

Cinema # 9 & # 10 image sizes 64 Ft wide and 28 Ft. high

The Silver Sparkling Edge

Final stages of alignment Cinema # 9

Contour curtain going up - the curtain is 35 Ft. high.

The motor can't be heard at all !

65 feet wide by 35 feet high in sparkling silver

Lots'a room here...not cramped at all.

All the people who

made it happen were

Alex Stevenson

Tony Lautenbach

Ali Zohourian

John Cowper

Brian Visser

The latest and greatest !

And behind the scenes - the projection booths

Any questions or for feedback drop Tony a line or two tony@ash-stevenson.com

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